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Francis Wheat

Hartwell Davis
Published by in Wheat Relatives · 4 June 2019
FRANCIS WHEAT was born probably between 1690 and 1705 in England. Little has as yet been discovered about him, his ancestry in England, where and when he was bom, or when he was married and to whom. Descendants believe that he came from England in 1724. It is known, however, that in 1752 he leased from Benedict Calvert a tract of land in Prince George County, Maryland, for the term of his natural life and the lives of his sons, John and Francis Jr. The land was in that part of the county that later became the District of Columbia; he named his homestead Cool Spring Plantation, now the site of the Navy Yard in Washington. In 1753 he leased to his son John 100 acres of the plantation
and in 1769 another 100 acres to his son Francis jr. Whether there were more children is not known.

Known children of Francis Wheat
JOHN-, born perhaps around 1730 and in Prince George Co. He married Mary Mulliken.
FRANCIS- jr. born perhaps around 1745.

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