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Bryan Ward Nowlin

Hartwell Davis
Published by in Nowlin Family · 4 June 2019
152. Bryan Ward NOWLIN I [1119],15 son of James NOWLIN II [2233]16 and Martha COLLINS
[1610],16 was born on 8 Oct 1740 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, USA and died on 16 Jul 1810 in Chatham, Pittsylvania,
Virginia, USA at age 69.

General Notes: It said the name was spelled Brien in Ireland. Bryan was a builder by trade. Had 15 sons and
daughters....He was a builder, which mechanical nature, inherited from James Nowlan of Ireland, the founder of the
name in Virginia is found in many of Bryan Ward's children down to the eighth generation. Bryan Ward Nowlin is our
great American Abrahamic Father of the Southern family line, whose sons and daughters have spread out largely in the
south and west, and in his numerous posterity the chain has been unbroken and traced through ages linking back to
primeaval days with their history. Was a Captain in the Illinois Campaign under Captain Bowman; furnished supplies
in Pittylvania County, VA during the revolutionary war. From Bryan Ward and Lucy Wade sprang the many branches
of the name that are scattered over the Southern states and some in Utah, Idaho and Canada. Like Eph-raim of old, their
seed have become a multitude of people who are leaders in enterprise, adventure, mechanics, teachers-which abound in
great number-lawyers, di-vines, many bankers, doctors in any amount, editors; all filling places of usefulness in their
several callings. (Nowlin-Stone, p. 35)

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