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Benjamin Franklin Cummings Dairy

Hartwell Davis
Published by in Nowlin Family · 10 June 2019
Read the Diary.  Finally, all had arrived and the whole number was organized into  subdivisions or companies of ten, fifty and hundred with a President  two councilors over the whole and a captain over each Subdivision or  company father John Smith Prest  I was attached to the first hundred  Daniel Spencer Cap second fifty Ira Eldredge Captain third ten Samuel  Ensign captain   Perrigren  Perrigreen [Perrigrine] Sessions being Captain of the first fifty.

I will now mention that B.W. Nowlin from who I got a yoke of  oxen to work through my journey was one of the same company he being  without any family with him as his wife had deserted him at Winter  Quarters returning to Kentucky from <:w>hence they had emigrated,  taking three children and two young negro slaves and quite an amount of  property  in team[,] carriage and dry goods.  This she did while he was  on a trip down into the State of Missouri for Supplies.  Bro Nowlin and my self entered into an arrangement to unite  in our Cooking and eating arrangements as one family, both of us being  bachelors.  He had <also> a young man, by the name of William  Bryant along with him as teamster driving a team he furnish to haul one  of the canon had in the company.  My bro Alva also drove a team for Bro Nowlin he having three teams.  My sister Mary [Mary Cummings  Nowlin] acted as cook and house Keeper and I might as well state now  that after we had been on the road a few week (the date I have lost) She  became the wife of bro Nowlin being married by father John Smith  President of the camp
566 wagons
26th June  we started on our long and tedious  journey across the plains having no definite idea of our destination[.]   We encountered many difficulties <and hardships> having to make  our own roads and bridges, ford rivers  to large to bridge lost some of  our cattle by their getting poison water and meeting with many  annoyances in various ways not necessary for me to mention in this  Sketch.
We traveled from the Elkhorn river in a Southwest direction untill we came  struck the Platte.  Then followed that river up to the junction of the  Loup Fork[,] followed up that river some 40 or 50 miles and then forded  it and made our way across in a South westerly direction till we again  struck the platte[.]  Continued up the North Side of that river until  old Fort Larime [Laramie] where we ford it.  Then made our way westward  through the Black Hills to the upper Crossing of the platte and on to  the Sweet water where we met president Young and a number of the  Pioneers From them we learned of the location that they have made in the  Valley of the Great Salt Lake, Having laid out a city and named it  Great Salt Lake City afterward shortened to Salt Lake City.
I emerged from Emigration Canon and camped at its mouth Sept 21st 1847 the company I was with being the first to arrive in the valley.

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